Powered by the VORTEX connection TM 

Our patented VORTEX connection revolutionizes the standard T-slot modular aluminum framing system!

  • ​The first completely engineered modular aluminum framing solution
  • ​designed to maximize profile strength
  • ​precision self-alignment
  • ​Mechanically locked joints
  • Pre-assembled components enable the quickest and easiest assembly ever!
  • ​Lightweight, portable, and environmentally responsible
  • Superior type II class I anodized finish
  • ​Adaptable to other major suppliers

Desoutter Auto Drill & Tap Units

Do you need a special automated feeder bowl coating, bowl feeder lining, or a special clean room pharmaceutical grade feeder bowl?  We can help with all of those types of feeder bowls and more! Pharmaceutical clean room feeder bowls are a specific area of expertise.  Ordnance parts feeder bowls and consumer products parts bowl feeders are also specialties.  To date, we've built custom vibratory feeder bowls and centrifugal bowl feeders to accommodate a variety of industries, including Automotive parts feeders, Cosmetics parts bowl feeders, Electrical parts feeding systems, Electronics bowl feeders, Healthy & Safety Industry feeder bowls, Medical Device parts handling systems - you name it, we've probably manufactured the type of feeder bowl you are looking for to compliment your next parts feeding system.  

Desoutter Auto Screwfeed Systems

HIX Industrial Division has been designing and building custom conveyor and batch drying equipment for a variety of industries and applications worldwide since 1963. Our dryers and ovens are also built for custom and industrial processes requiring drying or curing. All drying units are engineered and designed to your specifications using electric infrared, infra air, and hot air impingement designs to efficiently meet the process requirements of your product

TM Robotics Europe is a world leader in Industrial Robots. SCARA robots from Toshiba Machine are probably the world's easiest to use Industrial Robots . At TM Robotics our entire philosophy is about making things straightforward and easy for you. With years of experience in supplying and maintaining Industrial Robots , we are a name you can trust.

Our Industrial Robots offer huge productivity, efficiency and professionalism gains, thus vastly improving your business procedures and more importantly your company's bottom line.

IPR (Intelligent Periphery for Robots)

IPR - Intelligent Peripherals for Robots GmbH was founded with the objective of developing and manufacturing high quality assembly and robots accessories.  Our product range comprises standard automation components, grippers and tool changers and compliance wrists as well as lateral alignment devices, force-torque sensors and load limiters. 

Since its founding in 1953, CDS - Cam Driven Systems has been recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of precision motion control components and systems for automated manufacturing machinery. CDS produces cam actuated mechanical drives and machinery offering high speeds, precise positioning and unmatched reliability.

AFDE auto feed drill and tapper units

   Extensive range of mounting clamps

   Control interfaces to link to other controls (Electric & Pneumatic)

   Output signals at datum and depth

  Single spindle operations to multi spindle processes

HIX Ovens

Controlled Dynamics

Toshiba Machine Industrial Robots

From standard screws, specific nuts, or stud bolts, our proposals department is able to propose the best solution for your assembly needs